Dare you enter the Cave?  The rewards are great, but so is the danger!

The Cave consists of four levels. Entering, you start in the centre of level 1. Going up from here takes you out of the cave and ends the game. Exploring North, South, East or West you will find stairs down to the deeper levels. The Cave contains treasure and your objective is to collect as many gold pieces as you can. But beware, the treasures are guarded by goblins, trolls and a dragon. You will find the dragon guarding a large hoard of gold at the centre of the lowest level. There is also a wizard in the Cave. If you meet him, approach respectfully. He may help you, but he is capricious and quick to anger.


The large map of 3x3 locations shows your immediate surroundings; you are in the centre, brighter area. On the left is shown a plan of the parts of the Cave you have explored so far. Options available at any time are shown by the buttons which are enabled on the right hand side.
Clicking on the large map can also duplicate the effects of the option buttons:
Left click in the regions surrounding your location, means North, South, East or West. Within your location, it means Fight or use stairs Up or Down.
Right click means Retreat or Pick/Put, whichever is enabled at the time.
Good luck in your treasure hunting!


There are two ways to install Cave# on your PC:

1. Cave# requires the .net framework to be installed. Many PCs already have this. You may be able to simply download this zip file, unzip it to any folder, and run Cave.exe .
Program Zip

2. To install Cave# and the .net framework it depends on, download, unzip to a folder and run setup.exe:
Full Setup


CAVE first existed on a DEC VAX computer in the early 1980s, written by R.Griffiths & R.Wills.
Another version was written for the BBC Micro in 1986 by R.Wills.
This version is a re-write in the C# language by R.Wills with graphics created by M.Thompson.
The program is now called Cave#, acknowledging its previous history.
The latest version of Cave# is v1.1.

""   Programming by R.Wills.
""  Artwork by M.Thompson.