LOTRO Pipeweed Sources and Effects

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Pipeweeds labelled "vendor" in the tables below can be grown from seeds of the appropriate tier and recipes purchased from an Expert Farm-Hand.

Seeds for pipeweeds labelled "harvest" can be obtained randomly when harvesting fields of the same tier or one lower tier. For example, harvesting Longbottom Leaf has a small chance of giving some Muddy Foot or Tighfield Choice seeds; harvesting Southern Star could give
Muddy Foot, Tighfield Choice, Dragon's Breath or Roper's Twist seeds. The recipes for growing these seeds can be purchased from the Expert Farm-Hand. The higher tiers are wholly of this kind.

The effects noted in the last column were all tested on 26th/27th August 2011.

Tier 1: Apprentice

Longbottom Leaf vendor Puff of smoke
Sweet Lobelia vendor One smoke ring
Rushlight vendor One smoke ring
Southlinch vendor Puff of smoke

Tier 2: Journeyman

Southern Star vendor Puff of smoke
Hornblower vendor Two smoke rings
Muddy Foot harvest Three smoke rings
Tighfield Choice harvest Puff of smoke

Tier 3: Expert

Sweet Galenas vendor Ship
Old Toby vendor Heart shaped smoke ring
Shire Sweet Leaf vendor Butterflies
Dragon's Breath harvest Dragon breathing smoke
Roper's Twist harvest Smoke spiral

Tier 4: Artisan

Eagle's Nest harvest Eagle
Gamwich Braid harvest Fish

Tier 5: Master

Wizard's Fire harvest Bird

Tier 6: Supreme

Fungo's Fuzzy-Leaf harvest Spinning arrow
Gold Fire harvest Giant smoke ring

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