RFI Spring Treasure Hunt Results


1. The inside of the Sackville-Bagginses new home.

Bag End.
18th February 2012: Lointje is first at this location.

In a dusty cellar, you find a flagon of Old Winyards which Frodo must have missed, and an old leather bag marked with the name “Smaug”. The bag looked empty, but you find that there is actually a gold coin in it!

Bag End

2. The place where Bilbo made a farewell speech.

The Party Tree.
19th February. Armageddon is first at this location.

At the foot of the tree is a heap of discarded party things. You find a small box marked with a “G” rune. It still contains some fireworks.

The Party Tree

3. The place where Frodo and Sam stayed with Gildor Inglorion.

Abandoned elf camp above Woodhall.
21st February. Elrodoc is first at this location.

The elves have long gone, but beside the ashes of a fire you find a small packet of wrapped lembas.

Abandoned Elf Camp

4. The place where you can find the best beer in the Eastfarthing.

23rd February 2012. Elro is first to the Golden Perch at Stock.

You enjoy a few pints of “Old Withywindle”.

The Golden Perch

5. The dogs Frodo used to be afraid of.

25th Feb. 2012. Elro is first to find Grip and Fang at Farmer Maggot’s farm.

Farmer Maggot’s wife gives you a basket of mushrooms.

Wolf & Fang

6. The place where, looking back, Frodo last saw a black rider in the Shire.

27th February. Elro is first at the Bucklebury Ferry on the East bank of the Brandywine.

Nearby hobbits are always happy to provide a “complete hobbit breakfast” to ferry travellers.

Bucklebury Ferry

7. Inside the ancestral home of the Brandybucks.

Sorry, I've messed up this clue. My intended answer was inside Brandy Hall, but it seems we can't go in! However, people who replied seem to have taken Buckland as being the ancestral home. That's reasonable, and Equlibrium was the first one of these, so I'll give him the point.

The Brandybuck family welcome you as a friend of Meriadoc Brandybuck and give you a fine present: a mathom.


8. The place where Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin entered the Old Forest.

3rd March 2012. Sterling was first to find the tunnel under the hedge near Crickhollow. (Elro was only 11 minutes later!)

A gleam catches your eye. On the ground you find a plain gold ring! Ooer, could Frodo have dropped it, ducking under the tunnel? No, it’s only an ordinary one: putting it on doesn’t make you disappear.

Old Forest tunnel

It's also worth mentioning that Sterling met a well-named hobbit while visiting Buckland:


9. The place where hobbits in the past cut down hundreds of trees and burned them.

Elro is first to reach the Bonfire Glade in the Old Forest.

Trodden into the mud you find an abandoned woodcutter’s axe.

Bonfire Glade

10. A mighty singer who sets cunning mazes.

Elro finds Old Man Willow in the Old Forest.

Scattered around the base of the tree are some silver coins. Oh dear, could these have been dropped by previous victims of his songs?

Old Man Willow

Elro reminds us of the associations of this place:
Water lilies

11. An even mightier singer than Old Man Willow.

10th March 2012: Elro is the first to meet with Tom Bombadil.

Tom laughs, sings and invites you share supper with him. On the table you find honeycomb.

Tom Bombadil

12. Tom Bombadil’s wife.

Elro is the first to find Goldberry

Goldberry solemnly gives you a candle, symbolising the light one must always strive to preserve in the darkness.


13. An island in the fog; a hall of mist whose central pillar is a standing stone; a closing trap!

Elro is the first to reach the Dead Spire in the Barrow Downs.
OK, it's not misty now, but it was brave of him to go at night!

You find some treasures left here by barrow wights. Brrr!

Dead Spire

14. Where Frodo sang about the Man in the Moon.

Elro is the first to arrive inside the Prancing Pony at Bree. He's actually standing on the table too!

Barliman’s special offer this week is a free packet of pipeweed to every visitor.

Prancing Pony

15. The door Fatty Bolger locked.

Elro is the first to arrive at the house in Crickhollow with its broken door.

Lying in the grass you find a wicked dagger, whose blade gleams with a dull light. Oo-er, better handle it as little as possible!

House at Crickhollow

16. A creature named by Sam.

I've been outwitted by Elro! I had intended a neekerbreeker to be the answer, but Elro has found Bill the Pony. It's true - Sam did choose  the pony's name:

All were well furnished by Elrond with thick warm clothes, and they had jackets and cloaks lined with fur. Spare food and clothes and blankets and other needs were laden on a pony, none other than the poor beast that they had brought from Bree.

The stay in Rivendell had worked a great wonder of change on him: he was glossy and seemed to have the vigour of youth. It was Sam who had insisted on choosing him, declaring that Bill (as he called him) would pine, if he did not come.

"That animal can nearly talk," he said, "and would talk, if he stayed here much longer. He gave me a look as plain as Mr. Pippin could speak it: if you don't let me go with you, Sam, I'll follow on my own." So Bill was going as the beast of burden, yet he was the only member of the Company that did not seem depressed.

Bill the Pony

17. Where Frodo was attacked by the Witch King.

The dell West of Weathertop.
I had trouble here too. I had decided that Candaith's camp was now in the same dell, but  Zonia has suggested a different place which also has an old camp fire and also meets the description.

Candaith is camped near here how. On learning of your quest to follow Frodo’s fellowship, he gives you an adamant, symbolising the resolve needed in such a quest.

Dell beneath Weathertop

18. The G3 Summit.

Lointje finds the stone on Weathertop.

The top of Weathertop is burned, but you find a sign of hope.

G3 Stone

19. They quarrelled over the right way to cook thirteen dwarves and one hobbit.

Lointje finds the three stone trolls.

One of the trolls must have left a small sack of money in the nearby bushes. Perhaps he was hiding it from the other two?

Three Trolls

20. Where Frodo told the black riders to go back to the Land of Mordor.

9th April 2012. Lointje reaches the ford of Bruinen.
We have now retraced Frodo's journey to Rivendell.

A gleam catches your eye: it is a shard of beryl. Is this the gem that Aragorn found on the last bridge, now shattered by the violence of the river in flood?

Ford of Bruinen