A PC game, written by R.Wills in C#. Needs .net framework.


Your objective is to enter the maze and attain enlightening knowledge of the mathematical mysteries of the Pythagorean Brotherhood. You will have to pass through three great vaults, then through the ante-chamber and into the pillared hall of Pythagoras. But beware; to protect their mysteries the Brotherhood have employed the genius Daedalus to design mazes of bewilderment in the three vaults. They have also unleashed Medusa the gorgon, Asterion the minotaur and Cacochoiristos the pig so that the unworthy cannot easily pass through these mazes. Lastly, the golden door of the Pythagoreans will only open to one who has proven themselves worthy by fully exploring the bewildering mazes; you must be in possession of the nine goblets of Dionysus before the final door will open for you.

The movement controls are:
W Move forward
Q or < Sidle left
E or > Sidle right
S Shuffle backward
A Rotate left
D Rotate right
These keys are chosen for their positions on the keyboard.

Some players may prefer to use two hands for controls. In this case, < and > may be used instead of Q and E for sidling sideways.

Pressing the space bar minimises the window which pauses the game.

Beware the gorgon; do not meet her gaze. Look out for red edges on the screen. A red edge to the left or right means that the gorgon is looking at you on the side indicated: don't turn that way. A red edge at the bottom of the screen means that the gorgon is looking at you from behind.

Beware also the minotaur. If the minotaur sees you he will charge at great speed. The only warning will be his bellow. You will not be able to outrun him but with enough agility you may be able to sidestep; he will continue his charge as he is unable to stop quickly.

The pig is not a threat to your life but he can still be a great annoyance. If he comes near enough, he will steal a goblet from you and flee with it. You will have to be swift to catch him and recover it.

Once you have entered the hall of Pythagoras and touched any one of the Pythagorean mysteries, you will have achieved enlightenment and won. This really ends the game, but if you wish you can go back to wander in the maze vaults. The gaze of Medusa and the horns of Asterion will then no longer be able to harm you, and Cacochoiristos will not steal from you.

It may help you to know that Daedalus will have placed no more than three goblets in each vault. If he has not placed all nine goblets in the three vaults, he will have left the remaining ones in the ante-chamber. The ante-chamber and the hall of Pythagoras are safe places because Medusa, Asterion and Cacochoiristos are forbidden to enter them.

Options are available by pressing O. The options page allows the game difficulty level to be set and sound effects to be turned on or off. It allows you to decide whether the maze is full sized, whether locked doors are allowed and which creatures you may meet.

Besides the goblets, you may be fortunate enough to find the five regular polyhedra within the vaults. The Pythagoreans will be interested in your reports of these.

A summary of your previous achievements can be seen by pressing I. Achievements for today and the last 50 days are listed.

A map may be available by pressing M, depending on the options selected. If not available from pressing M, you may still occasionally find Daedalus’ notes left lying around in the maze.


The most recent version of Maze is v9.1 . This version has improved sound.

Download this installer package, unzip it to any folder and run setup.exe :