A fun and slightly educational PC game of
"tactical arithmetic" for two players, written by R.Wills in C#.


Guide the NumberPeeps through the mazes of arithmetic avoiding the traps and hazards, on their quest to level up from zero to ten.


The movement controls are:
Player 1 (green):
A   up
Z   down
X   left
C   right
Player 2 (red):
J    up
M   down
<    left
>    right

It's possible for one player to control both as there aren't usually situations where the NumberPeeps must move exactly at the same time.

The main menu looks like this:
Main menu

Choose in the game options whether or not you want to include multiplication and division in the puzzles, and also whether you want the annoying Polygogs (the triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon and circle) to oppose you. Also turn off sound and music if you want a quiet game. Then click "Play Quest Mode" to play the game. Quest mode takes you through ten levels on your journey from zero to ten. Alternatively, choose a single level when you just want to perfect your methods.

Your NumberPeep can change its number by using the arithmetic pills available in the game. For example, if your NumberPeep is a "4" and it uses a "+2" it becomes a "6". The NumberPeeps always start as the number they had become in the last level, and the door over at the right hand side shows what number they must become to unlock it. Beware of the Polygogs on your journey, and be careful with levers and falling blocks. White pills may have beneficial effects so you should try to find out what those are. That's all there is to it really!

Sometimes one or both NumberPeeps may get stuck and be unable to reach the door. In that case, press ESC and confirm that you want to give up the level.

Notice that this is a game of cooperation. If one NumberPeep gets stuck and has to give up, both will lose a life. They are supposed to help each other.


The most recent version of NumberPeeps is v1.3. Check back for new versions and please let me know of any bugs.

To install NumberPeeps on PC, download this zip file, unzip it to any folder and run setup.exe : NumberPeeps Setup Zip

Making your Own Levels

Look in the \levels subfolder. Here are all the levels which the NumberPeeps game uses. You can add new levels to this folder as long as their files have names such as “level##*.dat”, where “##” is the level number, from “01” to “10” and "*" can be anything. In Quest Mode, the game randomly chooses one level for each numbered level.

These files can be edited using Notepad. Within each file, a rectangular region defines the layout of a level. In this layout, individual characters have the following meanings:
#    solid wall
.    empty space
=    ladder
B    block
I    removable support
L    light removable support
-    light platform
>    door to next level
+    extra life pill
*    power pill; temporarily makes you immune to polygogs
!    electric pill; lets you electrify polygogs
1    start position for player 1
2    start position for player 2
3    start position for a triangle polygog
4    start position for a square polygog
5    start position for a pentagon polygog
6    start position for a hexagon polygog
0    start position for a circle polygog
Letters a to z     arithmetic pills

After the rectangular layout, the remaining lines define the arithmetic pills which appear in the level. Each line has a letter, an arithmetic operation and a number. E.g.:-
The lines above would mean that the pill in positions marked “a” in the layout will add 2, those marked “b” will subtract 1, those marked “c” will multiply by 2 and those marked “d” will divide by 3. If you fail to define a letter which has been used in the layout, no arithmetic pill will appear there.

Test your new levels carefully as it’s easy to make levels which are impossible to complete.



Theme tune "Numtastrophy" and final music:

© 2021 R.W.Wills