A game using the same game engine as NumberPeeps
, but with less education and more guns!

Help your team, the "Good Guys", in their ferocious battle with the "Bad Guys". Pick up various weapons and pieces of equipment and find out what they can do. Collect crystals to break through the approaching energy barrier. Replenish your seven lives by picking up healing hearts.


The main menu looks like this:
Main menu

First choose how many players are going to control creatures from the keyboard. Adjust the appearance of your creatures by clicking one (outlining it in magenta), then using the "Shape" and "Colour" sliders. "Auto fire" determines whether your creature will fire whenever it can, or whether you control firing. It's recommended for your first few games.

Next, complete your teams. Decide how many "Good guys" will fight alongside you in your team and how many "Bad guys" will be in the opposing team. For a fair match, make the Bad guys' team equal the players plus the Good guys.

Choose whether you want music and sound effects and choose a difficulty level. Higher levels have faster gameplay and slightly cleverer opponents.

If you tick "Good guys can carry on", your team will carry on fighting when the player creatures are killed, and players can respawn after a short delay. Without this option ticked, the Bad guys will win as soon as all player creatures are killed.

"Score to win" is the number of kills needed for a team to be victorious.

Once everything is set up to your liking, hit "Play Game" to commence battle!

When the main game screen starts, the keyboard keys used by players to control their creatures are shown alongside their status at the right side of the screen.


With "autofire" ticked, you should be able to just pick things up and see what they do to learn about equipment, but here are a few hints.

You have seven lives, shown by green hearts in a row in your character information on the right of the screen. Moving onto a green heart on the battlefield will replenish all seven of your lives. If you pick up a medkit you will be able to throw hearts to other members of your team when they need them. Stand still to give yourself one.

When you fire a weapon it will need to reload. Reloading progress is shown by a shrinking red line above your character. Once it is out of ammo you will see a yellow line to the right of your character. You can't replenish ammo, but if you pick up another weapon it will replace the empty one.

A gold ring can make you invisible. A cyan ring gives you an energy shield.

Weapons you find will include the following:-
The small blaster handgun fires one zap between reloads.
The autogun fires zaps continuously without pausing to reload.
The blunderbuss fires a group of zaps in a pattern, then takes some time to reload.
The rocket launcher takes time to reload but does great damage over a 3x3 area.
The plasma gun can penetrate an energy shield.
The stunner has a range of only 5 squares.
Throwing a bomb will light the fuse.

During the game there will be energy barriers advancing from the right. You can only pass through these to unlock more map area if your team has collected the required number of crystals (white diamonds).


The most recent version of Mayhem is v1.2. Check back for new versions and please let me know of any bugs.

To install Mayhem on PC, download this zip file, unzip it to any folder and run setup.exe :


Programming (in C#):

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