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I like reading the works of J.R.R.Tolkien and playing Lord of the Rings Online (I'm Brrokk on the Snowbourn server and I belong to the Room For Improvement kinship there). Here is my collection of writings and internet links related to these things.

Lord of the Rings Online

Brrokk's Adventures in Middle Earth page 1  page 2  page 3
Brrokk's biography
Tales from the Prancing Pony: told by Brrokk Barrowbane and his companions
The Chamber of Mazarbul: how it might have gone in LOTRO
LOTRO role play anecdotes: stories based around quests and other features of LOTRO
The High Hall: a longer, more serious tale
Hearts of Gold: can you have a tragic love story with dwarves in?
In the Pub: some role playing.
RFI Summer 2011 Pipeweed Quiz
Brrokk's armour
RFI Spring 2012 Treasure Hunt: finding locations in Middle Earth.
The Fall of Moria: session play quest walkthrough, with screen shots.
Rohan Lore Quiz: results of the RFI December 2012 competition.
Hobbit Lore Quiz: results of the RFI May 2013 competition.
Tour of Middle Earth Oddities

LOTRO Reference:

Pipeweed Effects: results of my researches.
Great River Exquisite Jewellery

The Guardian's Role: a guide to guardian skills.

Other sites:

LOTRO Fashion: Frejuska's blog.
LOTRO Lore Nuggets: things to notice in the game.
LotroLife: game guides. No longer updated.
LOTRO wiki
The Brasse: quest guides and maps.
Wikipedia 'Shadows of Angmar' entry
Wikipedia 'Mines of Moria' entry
Wikipedia: 'Siege of Mirkwood' entry


Film reviews
Motivation: a short essay
Victory over Death: an Easter meditation on Lord of the Rings
Sworn Word: another Easter meditation on Lord of the Rings

Other sites:

Wikipedia article: with a good synopsis
Green Books: writing inspired by Lord of the Rings
The Encyclopaedia of Arda: comprehensive
Arwen Undomiel: covers story/films/graphics/humour/languages
The Hunt for Gollum: a fan-made film.
Born of Hope: another fan-made film.
Bag End: an amazing doll's house.


My photos of Middle Earth

Other sites:

Rolozo Tolkien gallery: art inspired by Lord of the Rings
The Art of Lord of the Rings  Deep? Or pretentious?


Other sites:

TheOneRing: fan site
The Tolkien Sarcasm Page


Other sites:

Arwen Undomiel's elvish language resources
Khuzdul: the language of the dwarves